Third Age Living was borne out of the passion to help those most vulnerable (sometimes even forgotten about) to give them the quality of life that can be achieved with the right advice, exercise, training and psychology. TAL strives to spread the message about the importance of understanding our ageing needs and how we can do so much more to help ourselves age well.

TAL’s mission is to reach out to those in their third age (well really it’s never too young to start, we work with 40 year olds), as evidence is clear that early intervention and strength maintenance can help you age well, reducing your risks of many age related conditions and injuries. Clinically we know that our bodies lose strength as early as 30 years old, and from 40-70 we lose 30% of our strength. This is something we can change and the launch of Third Age Living Lifestyle Services addresses this.



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We are all aware that we are living longer and we are constantly being bombarded by age related health headlines. This can be overwhelming and in some ways makes us more likely to bury our heads in the sand through fear. That’s what we are here for, we aim to simplify, demystify and hold your hand -

The TAL Way.

Our Clinical Ageing Experts have taken the research and evidence and developed programmes that we know work.

Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated and doing something no matter how small is better than nothing. We like the expression:

Combat ageing, one step or kilo at a time.




We achieve great things with our clients, never known as “patients” (better known as TAL Warriors), by enabling them to take charge of their ageing process, staying a step ahead and encouraging the right mindset. The latter is what gives our TAL Warriors the real edge, and makes us truly different, we challenge the status quo and do not believe that there is a plateau to what can be achieved. Importantly we know it’s never too late to start investing in YOUR BODY PENSION but the earlier you start the better.


Whether you have:

  • An ageing condition
  • An injury or mobility issue requiring physio
  • Just had surgery, a period of hospitalisation needing rehab
  • Or simply want to get stronger

Our Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Experts and Lifestyle Strength Agents can help you.

Our Multi-disciplinary team includes Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Nutritionists and Mindfulness Experts to name a few. At the heart of what we do is STRENGTH building; Physical, Emotional and Mental Strength. This is an entire system not just an end goal in itself.

We know that SYSTEMS LEAD TO SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES more than simply goal setting which can sometimes feel remote. TAL systems are easy to implement into your everyday, and most importantly are enjoyable enough to sustain them. By employing the philosophy of NO ZERO DAYS we keep people on track and help build good habits. Even the smallest of achievements each day reinforces confidence and momentum for change.